Audience Building Tips to Get your Blog Noticed

Audience Building

Easy to use blog software programs and platforms have transformed millions of people into bloggers so the World Wide Web now has a prolific population of blogs. So how do you get your own blog known and build readership? The most significant, noteworthy way to develop a loyal following for your blog is to have pertinent, quality content that is of value and makes readers want to share with others. Blogging does have an element of self-promotion but the primary goal is growing an audience. Otherwise, how will your blog exist beyond your immediate realm?

Stick to Your Primary Purpose

Identify your primary purpose for creating a blog and then stick to it. If you write about organic eating, then all topics could and should revolve around organic farming, healthy recipes, current legislation that affects all things organic and so on. Can you comment on other trends? Absolutely! However, having consistent, peripheral ties to your primary purpose is always the goal to keep and build your audience.

Don’t Be Boring, Be Relevant

Your blog posts should reflect your personality so don’t write from a boring, impersonal aspect. It’s your blog – an extension of your “voice.” Write about interesting, relevant topics that are currently trending in the news. What do people care about? If you know that, your blog posts will always be relevant. Be willing to be a bit controversial to encourage reader comments and debate.

Vary your Format on Occasion

Besides posting regularly, stir things up a bit and try different formats. Instead of commentary every day, introduce a guest blogger every so often. Create a poll or contest for readers. And if you have any readers that comment often, consider a Q&A session with them and post it on your blog. People love reading about themselves and if they share the posts, it helps build your audience at the same time.

Post on Other Blogs

If there are other blogs that deal with similar or complementary content to yours, comment on them. Of course, you should include your blog link in your reply signature. In addition, always engage your own audience and reply to reader comments, even if they are negative.

Audience building for your blog requires trying many different elements than what is mentioned here. Sometimes, it takes a multi-pronged approach to gain traction in the world of blogging. However, one element is always going to be the same: relevant, interesting content that is well-written. Content is half the battle in creating a successful blog.


is the co-founder of Learn How To Blog and has been a full time internet marketer and blogger since 2005.