Tips to Boost your Blog’s Search Engine Rankings

Optimising for SEO

Why blog if no one can find you online? Your goal is to get as much visibility as possible and optimising for search engines is the best way to do it. You can optimise your blog to ensure sustainable search engine rankings and traffic to your site.

Research Keywords and Phrases

Sometimes, you may already have an idea on your keywords before writing your blog post. However, if you do not, determine what people are likely to search for in order to discover your blog. Use keyword tools such as those that Google offers to find the best keywords and phrases that are likely to be the popular search engine terms.

Sensible Title Tags

The title of your blog is key to successful optimising for SEO. Use one of the keywords or phrases you found through keyword tools to place in your title tag. It is best to try and use the keyword or phrase at the beginning of the title if possible, but only if it appears to be a natural placement. Short and succinct is necessary for titles as longer ones are likely to be trimmed in search engine results.

Header and Image ALT Tags

Adding images to your blog post, try to ensure that you can include an “alt=keyword or phrase” within the coding. WordPress, for example, makes this simple through offering places to put this information. Whatever you choose should be concise and descriptive, using a keyword that would help with search engine optimisation. Add extra headers in your blog post if possible as it not only breaks up information into easier to read pieces but you will be able to use header tags which can aid in optimising for SEO too.

Permalinks and Meta Descriptions

If you are able to use keywords or phrases in your blog post title within the structure of your URL address, do so. This technique can boost rankings. While meta descriptions are only 160 characters long and don’t directly affect search engine rankings, do what you can to use a few keywords or phrases within it. Having an interesting description under a title in search engine results can tempt people to click on your link over others.


is the co-founder of Learn How To Blog and has been a full time internet marketer and blogger since 2005.