Top Benefits of Blogging While Taking Money Off the Equation

Blogging Benefits

Establishing an online presence virtually requires that you create a blog. It is one of the most important things you can do to make yourself more known. While blogging has a huge following these days, some people still don’t quite understand why it is a beneficial, powerful tool. It is not all about making money but rather the many benefits of blogging you can reap whether you have a blog to simply share your point of view or use it as a marketing tool for your primary website or business.

Writing Improves

Few people are born with innate writing abilities which is why blogging is such a great benefit. Having a blog offers an opportunity to practice the craft of writing AND get honest feedback from others, especially if you regularly monitor comments of the readership. You learn how to craft your blog posts into something informative and interesting.

Practise Self-Expression and Finding your “Voice”

Other blogging benefits include finding your passion, learning to express yourself and finding your “voice.” Some people struggle because they do not know how to adequately express themselves. A blog can be considered a tool in learning how to do that. If you are in a similar position, blogging could help you find that passion as well as the best in yourself. You discover your identity beyond the familial and work ties.

Gain Influence, Make Connections and Build a Network

With regular blogging and a little marketing, you could easily gain influence online. This influence can help you realise other blogging benefits such as making lasting connections with like-minded people and building a network of followers that may eventually become influential in your life. Blogging is a great platform to expand beyond writing. After a time, you might want to write a book or market a product. Blogging offers a built-in audience that would likely be interested.

Build your Skill Set

There are many blogging platforms which makes a lack of computer programming skills not so important. However, among the blogging benefits you could reap is the development of a new skill set. Bloggers tend to want to tweak their blogs after a time which leads into researching some tips to make minor improvements. This can lead to learning a little about web languages and protocols and even graphic design SEO and social media marketing skills.

Blogging is more than just trying to make some money. If your primary goal is to make a living by blogging, you are more than likely going to fail. Rather, making money is often side benefit that happens once your blog is established and you recognise that you are making a difference. Focus on the benefits of blogging and the money will eventually come.


is the co-founder of Learn How To Blog and has been a full time internet marketer and blogger since 2005.