Ways to Re-Use Old Blog Content to Monetise your Blog

Monetisation Tips

Once established online and through social media, monetisation is often a blogger’s next step. “Do I have the potential to make a living or even expendable money with my blog?” There is the potential to monetise your blog in many ways from having banner ads and pay-per-click advertising to affiliate marketing. However, why not make money with content you already have created? There is likely some content gold in old blog posts that you can turn into a monetisation bonanza.

Put Together an Ebook

Browse through your old content and also take a look at your analytics to see which posts had the greatest traffic. Do you see a trend of similar topics? If so, you just might have discovered the basis of an ebook. You can fine-tune your existing content and even create chapters based on individual blog posts. Flesh out this content with additional research from reputable resources and even add interviews with field experts if the topic warrants it and it fits. You can even use affiliate marketing monetisation to promote and sell your ebook.

Web-Based Seminars and Conferences

Research the analytics of your blog to determine which blog post topics were the most popular. Do you have enough to create a seminar or conference around it? Have you received enough questions and comments from your readership that it might warrant a webinar? If your special topic blog posts are perceived as valuable to your readers, a live, online conference or seminar might prove to be a great way to monetise your blog using a subscription service.

Premium Video Content

Blog analytics can be useful once again to determine whether creating a video for certain topics would be popular. Regular readership of your blog is a built-in audience and are most likely than “outsiders” to purchase a subscription to view premium videos tied to your blog content. Do-it-yourself presentations are the most popular formats for videos as are niche topics that are hard to find elsewhere.

Look to your old blog content and see what posts and topics have the potential to become premium content. You could even market your consulting services in particular areas or write premium, exclusive content. Adding a members-only paid forum to your blog is an option, but only once you have become quite established in your field and you are perceived as an expert.

Truly, there are many ways to monetise your blog and some are more involved than others. What is a good fit for your content? What efforts are you willing to do? Just remember that your old blog posts could be a potential goldmine for your monetisation strategy.


is the co-founder of Learn How To Blog and has been a full time internet marketer and blogger since 2005.